VIDEO: Lou Dobbs vs. 'Latino in America'

WEDNESDAY / 14 OCTOBER / 2009 just joined with award-winning Mexican-American filmaker Arturo Perez to launch a powerful new video, "CNN: Lou Dobbs or Latinos in America."  Here's the video and Arturo's statement below:

When I was a teenager, my mom and I would make dinner together every night. It was a nice way for us to spend time together, and a great way for me to steal her recipes. My mom is a political junkie, and CNN's Lou Dobbs' show was usually on as we cooked. At first Dobbs concentrated on financial news, but throughout the years he became increasingly obsessed with putting down illegal immigrants. Even though my family came to this country legally, his rhetoric really struck a chord with us.

Feeling helpless, I decided to start writing to Dobbs, pointing out his many errors, and the danger his words could cause. I don't know how many emails I wrote, but needless to say, he never wrote me back.

Now, a decade letter, I'm taking another shot at talking to Lou Dobbs and CNN. I've joined with and the campaign to make this video: CNN: Lou Dobbs or Latinos in America? I'm hoping this time Dobbs will respond.

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Roberto Lovato on Univision

MONDAY / 28 SEPTEMBER / 2009 Co-Founder, Roberto Lovato, talks about and Lou Dobbs' obsession with immigrants.



This is About CNN


This isn't just about Dobbs -- it's also about the network that supports him. Roberto Lovato rises above the personal attacks in this Huffington Post op-ed:

As the movement calling for his ouster from CNN continues to surge, Lou Dobbs is fighting back -- and fumbling. Instead of responding to legitimate concerns about his anti-Latino fear-mongering, Dobbs expressed himself in a manner resembling that of the extremists he promotes on his show: with lies, angry outbursts and juvenile name calling. He even went so far as to call yours truly a "flea" and a "bozo."

I could respond to Dobbs invitation to ride the downward spiral of personal insults, but won't. With hate crimes against Latinos on the rise, this fight is too serious for playground tactics. I won't join Dobbs in an insult exchange for the simple fact that this cause isn't about me, it's about the thousands of Latinos and their allies saying ¡Basta! -- enough negative portrayals in the media! And, in a deeper sense, our cause isn't really even about Lou Dobbs -- it's about the network that has made him a household name: CNN.

This is About CNN: Anti-Dobbs Movement Not Just Targeting Dobbs (Huffington Post)