This is About CNN


This isn't just about Dobbs -- it's also about the network that supports him. Roberto Lovato rises above the personal attacks in this Huffington Post op-ed:

As the movement calling for his ouster from CNN continues to surge, Lou Dobbs is fighting back -- and fumbling. Instead of responding to legitimate concerns about his anti-Latino fear-mongering, Dobbs expressed himself in a manner resembling that of the extremists he promotes on his show: with lies, angry outbursts and juvenile name calling. He even went so far as to call yours truly a "flea" and a "bozo."

I could respond to Dobbs invitation to ride the downward spiral of personal insults, but won't. With hate crimes against Latinos on the rise, this fight is too serious for playground tactics. I won't join Dobbs in an insult exchange for the simple fact that this cause isn't about me, it's about the thousands of Latinos and their allies saying ¡Basta! -- enough negative portrayals in the media! And, in a deeper sense, our cause isn't really even about Lou Dobbs -- it's about the network that has made him a household name: CNN.

This is About CNN: Anti-Dobbs Movement Not Just Targeting Dobbs (Huffington Post)