NY Daily News Shines Light on CNN's Dobbs hypocrisy

SUNDAY / 18 OCTOBER / 2009

"CNN's ramping it's 'Latino in America,' but it's getting ruined by Lou Dobbs"

In a few days CNN will launch its ambitious "Latino in America" series. Hosted by the popular Soledad O'Brien, the heavily promoted four-hour program will air on Oct. 21 and 22.... Ironically, the series comes at a time when CNN has a huge trust problem with Latinos - and its name is Lou Dobbs.

"They (CNN) think that a few hours of serious reporting on Latinos by sunny Soledad O'Brien can make up for thousands of hours of anti-Latino extremism from the dark Lou Dobbs," said Roberto Lovato, of Presente.org and a leader of the movement to dismiss Dobbs.